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Honey, Beeswax, Honey Comb and Bees

At RC's Bees, I along with my amazing family and friends, strive for the best quality honey straight from the hives. We do not pasteurize our honey or add anything to it. Along with honey, we have beeswax, honey sticks, and comb honey.

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I am unable to change the shipping charges based on weight so there is a base price for all sizes. Please reach out for accurate shipping charges based on the weight of the product before purchase. Most shipping charges are between $7-$15.00.

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Beeswax 1lb Block

Beeswax 1lb Block

SKU: 671253175371

1lb beeswax blocks are filtered three times through cheese cloth to remove any bee parts and are perfect for the candle makers and DIY projects. 

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