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Local Beekeeping

RC's Bees was started in 2017 when I (Rayann Wilcox) was 17 years old. I was lucky to be taught by an amazing mentor how to manage and raise Honey Bees. I started with 6 hives which quickly grew over 7 years to the current number of 224 hives in 25 different locations in West Michigan. 
I also work for my cousin who runs 5000 hives all over Michigan. Bees are my life and I spend the majority of my time sticky from honey and enjoying what I do. 
At RC's Bees, I along with my amazing family and friends, strive for the best quality honey straight from the hives. We do not pasteurize our honey or add anything to it. Along with honey, we have beeswax, honey sticks, and comb honey.

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About Us: Our Farm
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